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Double Glazing Stevenage Hertfordshire (SG1): Installing or upgrading your double glazing in Stevenage will not just reduce your energy costs, but double glazing can also make your house quieter, greener, cleaner and more energy efficient, which means you are doing your bit for the environment.

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The advantages of double glazed windows are simple; double glazing lessens your carbon footprint, lowers your energy bills and saves you cash.

Save money on energy bills by replacing all the single glazed windows in your property in Stevenage with energy efficient glazing. This can save you approximately £135 annually on your energy bills.

Lower your carbon footprint by cutting the power you are using to heat up your house in Stevenage, as less heat will escape through your windows. You'll create less carbon dioxide (CO2) which is what brings about global warming.

Double Glazing Stevenage Hertfordshire (SG1)

Be more comfy in your Stevenage house as energy efficient double glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.

More peace and quiet because along with keeping the heat in, energy efficient double glazed windows will insulate your property in Stevenage against excess outside noise.

Lower condensation because double glazing cuts condensation build-up on the internal surfaces of windows.

The savings and costs of double glazing will vary for each home and each window, depending on the size, material, style and installer. But on average, fitting double glazed windows to your home in Stevenage can save around £135 a year on your heating bills, in addition to saving somewhere around 720 kilograms of CO2 (carbon dioxide). Double glazing can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Double glazing saves energy and reduces your energy bills.

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Over 18% of the heat your home loses is lost through the windows. Heat that is lost through this ways means that energy is wasted, and money is wasted. If less heat escapes from your home in Stevenage, you can save energy and save money.

Environment friendly double-glazing cuts heat loss and also reduces condensation and noise problems. Installing energy efficient double glazing in your home in Stevenage could mean savings of around £135 on bills yearly if whole-house single glazing is substituted with double glazed doors and windows.

All properties lose a certain amount of heat through their windows. Putting in energy efficient glazing is an effective way of reducing your energy bills and keeping your Stevenage property quieter and warmer.

Double glazed windows use two panes of glass with a space between them which creates an insulating barrier, while triple glazed windows have three panes of glass. Both of those solutions can provide a good level of energy efficiency. It's not the case that you must use triple glazing to gain the best results.

Double glazed windows are available in a range of frame materials and styles. They also have different standards of energy efficiency, depending on how well they stop heat from passing through the window, what amount of sunlight travels through the glass, and how little air can leak in or out around the window.

Some door and window manufacturers helpfully use a window energy rating scheme to show how energy efficient their products are. This is similar to the one you would have noticed on home appliances like your washing machine or fridge. A-rated double glazing is the most effective. To check the energy efficiency of a window before you buy, look at the energy label.

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The Benefits

  • Replacement windows and double glazing come in a range of styles and designs and there are particular features you should look out for to increase energy efficiency.
  • Reduced condensation: energy efficient glazing reduces condensation build-up on the inside of windows.
  • A more comfortable home in Stevenage: energy efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
  • The costs and savings of double glazing will be different for each home and each window, depending on the size, material and installer. You could save up to £135 a year on your energy bills and up to 720kg of CO2 a year.
  • A smaller carbon footprint: by using less fuel, you'll generate less of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that leads to global warming.
  • Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient windows insulate your Stevenage home against unwanted outside noise.
  • Smaller energy bills: replacing all single glazed windows with energy efficient glazing could save you around £135 per year on your energy bills.

To find the correct double glazing windows for your house in Stevenage, ask these questions:

"How energy efficient are the windows?"

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When picking out replacement windows in Stevenage, you can verify their energy efficiency by looking at the BFRC energy label and Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. The Energy Saving Trust recommends any double glazed windows rated C or above. The higher the energy rating, the more energy efficient it is. Regrettably, at the moment there is no obligation for double glazing window producers to label their products, however by opting for a high rated double glazing window you know that you'll be purchasing the most efficient.

How many glass layers do you need?

Double glazing has 2 layers of glass with a gap of approximately sixteen millimetres between them. There's also the option of triple glazing, which has three sheets of glass. Both A rated triple and double glazed windows are available for installation in Stevenage.

What kind of glass is best?

The most energy efficient glass for double glazing is low emissivity (Low-E) glass. This sometimes has an undetectable coating of metal oxide, generally on one of the internal panes - next to the gap. It allows heat and sunlight in but cuts the amount of heat that can get out again.

What is between the sheets?

Extremely efficient double glazing windows may use gases like argon, krypton or xenon in the gap between the 2 glass sheets.

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What keeps the sheets of glass apart?

All double glazing windows have pane spacers arranged around the inside edges to keep the two glass sheets apart. For a more efficient window, watch out for pane spacers containing little or no metal - often called "warm edge" spacers.

The BFRC window energy rating scheme checks all of the components to ensure the final window attains the energy efficient standard stated. That means you simply need to watch out for the A-G ratings and don't forget A is the best! Alternatively, just keep an eye open for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo which is only found on double glazed windows that are C rated or higher.

Which frame is best for your home in Stevenage?

The kind of frame you choose will depend on your house and your personal preference. For all kinds of frame material there are double glazed windows available in each energy rating.

  • uPVC frames are the most common type. They last a long time and can be recycled.
  • Aluminium or steel frames are slim and long-lasting. They can be recycled.
  • Wooden frames can have a lower environmental impact, but require maintenance. They are often used in conservation areas where the original windows were timber framed.
  • Composite frames have an inner timber frame covered with aluminium or plastic. This reduces the need for maintenance and keeps the frame weatherproof

Do you need ventilation?

Because replacement windows in Stevenage will be far more airtight than the existing single glazed frames, condensation can build up in your house due to the reduced ventilation.

If there is not a good level of background ventilation in the room, some replacement windows have trickle vents integrated into the frame that allow in a small amount of controlled ventilation.

Condensation can occasionally occur on the exterior of new low-e glazing. This is because low-e glass reflects heat back into the room and as a result the external pane remains cool and condensation can build up in cold weather - this isn't a problem.

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When should you consider improving your double glazing in Stevenage.

Most homes in Stevenage now have double glazing installed, but what some householders don't realise is that double glazing (like most other things needs to be maintained and from time to time replaced, if you've had your double glazing for many years.

Condensation or mist inside glass.

If there's moisture inside the panes of glass, it often means that the sealant has broken, allowing new moisture in. This means it is usually time to replace your double glazing. "If it is steamed up and there's condensation, it's usually had it, and the pane will need to be replaced," says a local Stevenage expert.

"My windows have changed to a dull yellow colour."

The uPVC becoming discoloured with time does not mean the quality of the double glazing has been affected. You can sometimes find special paints to re-paint the frames of your windows in Stevenage. Most suppliers nowadays guarantee against discolouring but not against slight fading and dulling.

"The window hinges are too tight and they're hard to open."

If you examine the hinge, you should see a small brass screw. This is called the tensioning screw and if you loosen it fractionally, the problem should be solved. If this doesn't work, your local glass shop or double glazing repair firm (see local paper ads or Yellow Pages) will usually replace the hinge for you.

"The hinges on my windows are way too loose and my windows fly wide open when opened."

If you examine the hinge, you will see a small brass screw. This is known as the tensioning screw and if you tighten it fractionally, it should solve the problem. If this does not work, your local glass store or double glazing repair company (see Yellow Pages or local paper ads) will usually be happy to replace the hinge for you.

"There's a draught coming through my windows."

First, check for a slightly bent hinge, a loose handle or a hinge where a screw or rivet has become loose. If it is none of these you may need to replace your double glazing, although it is worth contacting your local Stevenage double glazing repair company first to check if the window can be repaired.

Double glazing normally lasts for a good few years, but like anything else is susceptible to 'wear and tear'. Before contacting a double glazing specialist in Stevenage to replace your windows, get a few price quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal, and only go with registered and approved Stevenage double glazing contractors, who offer a guarantee for their work and windows.


Double Glazing work can be done in Stevenage and also in: Standon, Bragbury End, Little Wymondley, Graveley, St Pauls Walden, Aston, Dane End, Broadwater, Woolmer Green, Knebworth, Codicote, Langley, Datchworth, Benington, Walkern, Ardeley, and in these postcodes SG1 1SG, SG1 1TN, SG1 1LR, SG1 1AS, SG1 1HG, SG1 1LN, SG1 1SW, SG1 1NE, SG1 1UJ, SG1 1TU. Locally based Stevenage double glazing services will likely have the postcode SG1 and the telephone code 01438.

The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows in Stevenage

  • They add value to your home.
  • They save you money on energy bills.
  • They provide better security.
  • They provide better insulation.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They provide better noise reduction.
  • They prevent UV damage.
  • They greatly reduce condensation.
  • They look nicer.

Stevenage Double Glazing Tasks

Stevenage Double Glazing Tasks

There are a whole host of glazing related tasks that can be accomplished by your local Stevenage double glazing fitter including double glazed bay windows, double glazed door fitting, door replacement Stevenage, double glazed window hinges Stevenage, commercial double glazing in Stevenage, FENSA certified installations, double glazing panel replacement, double glazing repairs, residential double glazing in Stevenage, double glazed doors, double glazed window locks, double glazed sash windows, uPVC double glazing in Stevenage, cat flap installation in double glazed doors, condensation between double glazing, replacement double glazed windows Stevenage, double glazed door repairs, window replacement, double glazing services, double glazing installation, double glazing replacement, double glazed skylights, cheap double glazing in Stevenage, door installations, and more.

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Hertfordshire Double Glazing Enquiries

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All throughout Hertfordshire you will be able to find double glazing installers who will provide various services for your glazing needs. If you're unable to find the ideal double glazing fitter in Stevenage itself then you will surely be able to find one nearby.

Skip Hire Stevenage

Skip Hire Stevenage (SG1)

One of the major drawbacks of doing garden revamps or home improvements in Stevenage is the sheer amount of waste that is generated. Varying levels of waste will be generated by double glazing installation, subject to your specific circumstances. If the tradesmen you hire don't deal with waste removal, and it hasn't been listed on your price quote, this is something that you're going to have to deal with.

Hiring a skip is the simplest way to dispose of this waste. If you have never rented a skip before, you might not know that skips come in a range of different sizes and volumes. Most skip hire providers in Stevenage offer skip bags, mini-skips, midi-skips, builders skips and even roll-on roll-off skips for different domestic and commercial purposes.

If you would like skip hire prices for your current project in Stevenage, you can do so by GOING HERE.

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